Agent Options
The syntax of the rwsfserver script is: rwsfserver [options] [start|stop]. Options are:
Table 16 – Agent Options
or no arguments
Displays the help
Starts the Agent in debug mode1
Waits until the Agent has stopped before returning
-c <conf-file>
Sets the Agent startup configuration file

1 If you start the Agent in debug mode on Windows, it loads only services and named objects compiled in debug mode, as identified by the tag 15d in the file name.

The client request is automatically sent to the location defined in the WSDL file. To direct the client request to some other location, enter the location on the command line immediately after the client invocation. For example, to send the request using a secure transport to the Agent’s SSL port, enter:
<prompt> MyClient https://localhost:8443/<path_to_service>
The HydraExpress examples located in your <installdir>\examples\webservices directory specify localhost:8090 as the service port in the WSDL file. Therefore, if you run one of the example clients without a specific path, the request is automatically routed to the default port.