Turning off Text Escaping to Improve Performance
If you are certain that the data you are sending will not contain any special characters that must be escaped, you may get better performance in your applications by setting the property RWSF:doEscape to false in the service’s handler configuration file. (For more customizations to configuration files, see Customizing the Service Configuration Files).
This property controls whether or not the skeleton escapes content when writing responses. The default is true.
To reset this property on the server side, set the RWSF:doEscape property to false in the server-side configuration file <servicecontextname>_handlers.xml. (For more information on this handlers file, see Service Chains Configuration File: handlers.xml.)
By default the RWSF:doEscape property is "true".
To turn off text escaping, add the RWSF:doEscape property to <servicecontextname>__handlers.xml and set it to “false”. For instance, given the DayofWeek example:
<service name="DayOfWeekPortService">
<handler name="http://localhost:8090/dayofweek/DayOfWeekSkeleton">
<property name="RWSF:doEscape" value="false" />