Testing the Service
NOTE: HydraExpress’s generated client sample implementations all point to the project-directory\conf directory to locate the client configuration files. If you move the client executable without maintaining the same code generation directory structure, or you invoke the client from another location, be aware that you must edit the client implementation to maintain the correct path to the conf directory.
To test the service, just invoke the client from the DayofWeekExample\bin directory:
prompt> DayOfWeekPortClient
The sample below shows output from a client that uses the implementation above:
Enter date: 6/21/2003
06/21/03 was a Saturday
NOTE: While you may enter either a two-digit year or a four-digit year into the DayofWeek service, entering a four-digit year will ensure that the date returned to you is for the century you intend. For example, a year of “02” will be read as “1902.”