The One Way Operation Call
After subscribing to the notification service, the client implementation makes a one-way proxy call that sends updated local weather data to the weather service one-way service endpoint. It does not receive a response to this message because it is one way. However, after the message is sent it receives a notification message from the server since it previously subscribed to receive notifications.
wsx::WeatherSummary ws; //1
ws.setSky("overcast"); //2
proxy.weatherUpdate(ws); //3
//1 Creates a WeatherSummary object. This is a complex datatype defined in a schema in the WeatherSummary WSDL file. The HydraExpress XML Binding feature generates C++ classes that allow you easily to manipulate this data in your code.
//2 Populates the WeatherSummary object with some data.
//3 Uses the proxy to send this data to the weather service.