Implementing the Service
The implementation of this service takes place in three files:
*WeatherSummaryExample\app\server\WeatherSummaryImp.cpp: A server-side class containing implementations of the subscribe(), unsubscribe(), and weatherUpdate() service operation methods. The weatherUpdate() operation includes a call to the weatherNotification() operation method in the server-side notification proxy. The subscribe() operation calls the notification proxy as well to initiate the server-side solicit-response operation verifySubscription().
*WeatherSummaryExample\app\client\WeatherSummaryClient.cpp: A client-side main() function that contains the calls to the subscribe(), weatherUpdate(), and unsubscribe() service operation methods in the client proxy.
*WeatherSummaryExample\app\client\WeatherSummaryNotificationImp.h and WeatherSummaryNotificationImp.cpp: Contain the client-side implementation of the weatherNotification() service operation method, and the client-side response to the verifySubscription() server request.
The WeatherSummary example ships with implemented versions of these files, located in the main example directory <installdir>\examples\webservices\WeatherSummary, along with the WeatherSummary.wsdl. The discussions that follow are based on these provided implementations.