Configuring the Named Object
The string object is configured in the objects.xml file. The configuration can contain any number of initialization parameters.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<naming-name>MyString</naming-name> 1
<naming-class>string.createMyString</naming-class> 2
<param-name>aString</param-name> 3
<param-value>It might be Wednesday</param-value> 4
//1 Labels the object so the service can locate it.
//2 Names the shared library (string) and create method (createMyString) to be used to instantiate the object.
//3 Defines a parameter called aString.
//4 Defines a value for the parameter.
At HydraExpress Agent startup, the initialization parameters defined for the named object are placed into an rwsf::Config object, which is passed to the init() method for the named object.