The One Way Pattern
The one-way operation includes one input element, which is the client’s request to the server. No response is expected.
Figure 2 – The One-way message pattern
In WeatherSummary.wsdl, the one-way pattern is defined by the operation weatherUpdate:
<!-- One-way -->
<operation name="weatherUpdate">
<input message="tns:weatherUpdate"/>
The operation weatherUpdate consists of one input message containing several parts.
<message name="weatherUpdate">
<part name="weatherData" type="wsx:WeatherSummary"/>
The message contains a complex type WeatherSummary element that provides updated weather conditions for the local area. The WeatherSummary type is defined by an embedded XML Schema in the types element of the WSDL file. See Complex Data.
The implementation of this pattern occurs in the client-side WeatherSummaryClient.cpp, a sample implementation that uses the generated class in WeatherSummaryProxy.cpp, and in the server-side WeatherSummaryImp.cpp, the server implementation that receives the request.