Web Service Logger Levels
Web service logging is implemented in the generated sample applications by default. For the client, the default logging level is Info, resulting in all messages reported, while the default for the server logger is Error.
NOTE: For services, the Web service logger is of benefit only for some debugging. For logging in your service code, use the Agent logger, Logging in Service Code.
The defined log levels are:
Table 9 – Default Web Service Logger Levels
No logging
Fatal messages only
Error and Fatal
Server default level
Warn, Error, and Fatal
Info, Warn, Error, and Fatal
Client default level
For logging set to some level, messages at or above that level are reported. For example, for a level of Error, messages defined as Error or Fatal are reported. To have all messages reported, set the level to Info, which is the default in the generated client code.
Note that Web service logging on the server side can be set only to Fatal and Error. This can be useful for debugging.
In addition, there is a special logging level of None. By setting logging to None you can turn off logging so that no messages are reported.