Character Encoding in XML Schemas and WSDLs
For XML Schemas and WSDLs with a character encoding other than UTF-8, the internal parser automatically converts the string data to UTF-8 from the encoding specified in the document’s prolog (See Character Encoding in an XML Prolog).
NOTE: When providing non-UTF-8 schemas and WSDLs to HydraExpress, ensure that all characters in the document match the encoding stated in the document’s prolog.
HydraExpress also supports non-ASCII XML element and attribute names. These names are handled in one of two ways:
*If a customized mapping is defined to map the non-ASCII names to ASCII values, and this mapping is provided in a HydraExpress project file to the code generator, the binding uses the mapped element and attribute names. Here is an example mapping:
<option name='project-name' value='MyMapping'/>
<name xsdtype="element" xsdname="ãf³"
<name xsdtype="attribute" xsdname="èç3"
*If no specialized mapping is supplied, the binding assigns element and attribute names based on the pattern Member<number>.
Non-ASCII element and attribute names are preserved when an XML instance document is unmarshaled and later marshaled back into an XML document.