Common Generator Options
The rwsfgen program provides support for various options and properties. This section introduces a few of the most common options and how to use them.
Table 3 – Generator Options
-projectname name
Specify a name for the project. This option results in a HydraExpress project file named name. Required.
Lists generator options.
Places code into a named code generation directory. (Note: Use file paths and directory names without spaces.)
Does not clean up the directory and delete working files after code generation. Useful for troubleshooting.
Do not generate client-side files for a WSDL.
Do not generate server-side files for a WSDL.
Map XML Schema types to SourcePro C++ classes.
Preserves whitespace such as line breaks and indentations, to make the marshaled datatypes more easily human readable.
The syntax for using an option is
prompt> rwsfgen -projectname <MyProject> -<option> MyService.wsdl
Note that the arguments and properties must precede the file to be parsed, and that the projectname option is required.
For a full list of all supported options and more information on how to use them, see Generator Options.