SOAP-Encoded Arrays
HydraExpress represents SOAP-Encoded arrays as classes derived from a rwsf::ArrayHandle instantiated on the type of element contained in the array. Array body rwsf::ArrayBody contains an instance of rwsf::SoapArray to which it passes all its methods.
Array support includes support for arrays of arrays, dimensioned arrays (including multidimensional), recursive arrays, and arrays of types defined in the WSDL document. HydraExpress does not currently support sparse arrays. For more information on recursive arrays, see Recursive Arrays
The generated class provides methods for working with the vector as an XML document. The generated class inherits methods for working with the collection.
For the array shown in the WSDL fragment below:
<complexType name="ArrayOfdouble">
<restriction base="SOAP-ENC:Array">
<attribute ref="SOAP-ENC:arrayType"
HydraExpress generates a class named ArrayOfdouble that derives from rwsf::ArrayHandle<double>. Class ArrayOfdouble provides marshal methods for writing the array as XML and unmarshal methods for populating the array from XML. In addition, it reflects a typical container interface, providing iterators and other methods to access the array members.