Client-Side Classes
HydraExpress creates a client proxy class for each wsdl:portType. The name of each class is based on the name of the associated binding with the string Proxy appended.
The WSDL file shown above would create one proxy class for each of the two portType elements (lines 1 and 4). The class names would be based on the binding names (lines 2 and 5), resulting in the classes GetSkiReportSOAPBindingProxy and GetInternationalSkiReportSOAPBindingProxy.
HydraExpress also generates a sample client implementation for each service defined in the WSDL. The implementation file names are based on the name attribute of the port element associated with each service, lines 8, 10, and 12 above. The client implementation files for this WSDL would be GetUSASkiReportClient.cpp, GetCanadianSkiReportClient.cpp, and GetInternationalSkiReportClient.cpp.