Installing the Compiled Object Files
The files that hold the compiled servlets, filters, and listeners must be located in the path the Agent uses for runtime library loading. An environment variable contains the path. The name of the environment variable depends on the operating system. See Appendix C for a list of environment variable names for each operating system that HydraExpress supports.
To install the compiled object files, copy the files to a directory specified in the runtime library loading path. Note that the setup script rwsfvars provided with HydraExpress adds the <installdir>/lib and <installdir>/apps-lib directories (for UNIX or Linux), or the <installdir>\bin and <installdir>\apps-bin directories (for Windows) to the appropriate environment variable. The HydraExpress Agent loads compiled objects in those directories with no additional configuration.
For the HelloWorldExample servlet as well as all the other provided servlet examples, the example makefiles copy the compiled library to <installdir>/lib for UNIX/Linux, and to <installdir>\bin on Windows platforms.
NOTE: The Web services examples located in <installdir>\examples\webservices instead deploy by default to <installdir>/apps-lib for UNIX or Linux, and to <installdir>\apps-bin for Windows.
For more information on deployment and these directories, see Deploying Servlets.