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HydraExpress Servlet Development Guide
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5.3 Servlet Does Not Load

There are three typical reasons for a servlet to fail to load.

  1. A servlet may not load if the web.xml file contains an error. The servlet container logs the error and the position in the web.xml file where the error occurs. To correct this problem, you must correct the error in the web.xml file. For information on the web.xml file, see Chapter 4, "Configuring Objects in the Servlet Container."

  2. The servlet may be immediately unloaded if the servlet throws an exception from the init() method. The container logs the servlet name and information on the exception. To correct this problem, you must investigate and correct the init() method.

  3. A servlet will not load if the servlet container cannot find the library containing the servlet, or if that library does not contain the function specified in the servlet-class element. The container logs a message indicating that the servlet could not be loaded. To correct this problem:

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