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HydraExpress Servlet Development Guide
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3.7 Adding the Servlet to the web.xml file

Each servlet must appear in a web.xml file within a context directory. To add a servlet to an existing context, add a servlet and servlet-mapping element to the context. The sample below shows a complete web.xml file for the HelloWorldExample servlet:

The deployment descriptor above creates an instance of the HelloWorldExample servlet and names that instance HelloWorld. Because the servlet is located in the examples context, the url-pattern element maps the servlet to /examples/HelloWorldExample/. That is, the container forwards all requests that begin with /examples/HelloWorldExample/ to the HelloWorld instance. This servlet configuration is identical to the configuration for HelloWorldExample in the web.xml file for the examples context.

Chapter 4 explains the context web.xml file and describes how to deploy and configure servlets, filters, and listeners.

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