Working with Kanbans

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The Kanban board view is a powerful visualization of pipelines and has the unique functionality to handle parallel workflows.

Before entering this view you must first create a kanban.

Accessing the Kanban view

The Kanban view can be accessed in two ways:

Working with the Kanban view

The Kanban view displays each step in the Pipeline / Kanban in a horizontal structure based on the dependencies within the Kanban.

1.WIP means "Work In Progress" and tells you how many items are ongoing in each step. This is a powerful tool to see where bottlenecks exists within a project.

If cards turn red instead of green they are overdue, this is decided by Takt time / Max duration for this task which can be set on each step in the Kanban.

Kanban options for WIP and takt time

Two core Kanban options are available on a Kanban step: WIP (Work in Progress) maximum and Takt time / Max duration for this task.

Setting them have this effect in the Kanban view, WIP turns red if there are too many items in that step and the "Time left" text turns red if an item is overdue in Takt time:

Takt time is also available in the Schedule view.