User Guide

Using sprint boards

Each sprint in Hansoft can have a board view added to it. To add a board, click Add board on the sprint header in the planning view or choose Add board in the right-click menu.

To open the board after it is added, click Go to board on the right side of the sprint header.


On a board, each item in the sprint is represented by a card, which you can drag and drop between columns and lanes.

To add a new card to a column, click Add card at the bottom of the column. A new card is added as an item at the top of the sprint backlog with no parents.

Each card contains:

  • Item description—Can be edited directly on the card. Click the edit button shown when hovering the mouse over the card.
  • Item parent—Displayed in bold text before the description. Only displayed if the parent exists in the sprint, not if the relationship exists only in the backlog.
  • Sprint priority—Displayed in the upper left corner. If no priority has been set, this area is empty.
  • Avatar of the assigned users—Displayed in the upper right corner.
  • Item status—Displayed in the lower right corner.
  • Icons—Displayed in the lower left corner to show if the item has:
  • Been committed from the backlog or QA view
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • User story
  • Hyperlink set
  • Color—The default card is green. Right-click a card to change the color.

To select multiple cards to drag or edit multiple cards in item details, Ctrl/Cmd+Click the cards.

To delete a card, right-click it and choose Delete or select it and press the Delete key.

When adding an item in the planning view to a sprint that has an existing board, the card is always added to the left column in the top lane.

Tip:  You can also move a card to a different column from the Planning view. Change the Board Column value for an item to move it on the board.

Columns and lanes

Each new board you create contains a single lane with three default columns, which you can move, rename or delete.

To move columns and lanes, press and hold the left mouse button on the column header until it changes color and then drag it to the desired location. Columns cannot be moved to a different lane.

  • To add a new column, click Add column at the right end of the lane.
  • To add a new lane, click Add lane at the bottom of the board.
  • To rename a column or lane, right-click the header and choose Rename.
  • To delete a column or lane, right-click the header and choose Delete. A column or lane must be empty before it can be deleted and each board must have at least one column.

Status triggers on columns

A main manager can define a status trigger for a column. Right-click the column, choose Map to Status, and then select the status. Each time someone drops a card onto this column, that card/item is assigned that status value .

This operates on the built-in status and not workflow status, so the resulting workflow status depends on the workflow status the item had before the drag/drop.

Because this is a status trigger and not a status mapping, cards are not be moved automatically if you change the status using other methods.

WIP Limits (Work in Progress)

A main manager can define a WIP (Work in Progress) limit for a column. Right-click the column header and choose Set WIP Limit.

A card counter is displayed on the column. If the number of cards is greater than the WIP limit, the column is flagged in red.

Estimates on cards

You can show estimates on cards. To show or hide an estimate, click Show, choose Estimates on cards, and then select the estimate value to show or hide.

Estimate values on cards are read only. You can only edit them in the item details view.

Tip:  Options selected on the Show menu only apply to the current user.

Images on cards

When you add an image to an item, the board displays the image on the corresponding card. You can toggle this function using the Show > Images menu.

If no image is displayed or you want a different image on the card, right-click the image under Attachments in Item Details and select Show on Card. You can use the same menu to hide an image from a card.


If cards have links to other cards, you can show those dependencies on the board. Choose Show > Dependencies.

Board permissions

A delegated user or a main manager can:

  • Create a board through the right-click menu or through the + icon on a sprint.
  • Edit board columns.

Any sprint member can move and edit cards on a board.