Using product backlog priority

Giving work items Priority is a core concept in many development methodologies and one where Hansoft's responsive user interface shines. The priority is by default set in the Product Backlog Priority column (as a main manager you can change this to any custom drop list single choice column in the project settings).

There is a specific product backlog priority view to make it easier to stack rank items. You can switch between the hierarchy view and priority view using the dropdown menu in the upper left hand corner.

Switching to priority view shows you the entire backlog in a flat structure sorted on the "Product backlog priority" column with each item's rank displayed in the left most column. You can drag items up and down in the list to change priority or edit the column directly.

As you change the order of the items, the rank visible to the left changes automatically. If you want to show this rank in the Hierarchy view, click on Show > Show rank in list.

While the entire backlog shares a common priority column you often prioritize smaller sections separately. You can filter out parts of the backlog using the built in criteria drop downs or select a report as a base filter. Selecting the report again will clear the Find field.

Note: As the priority view is a flat list it does not respect any custom grouping or sorting in the report.

A combination of User View Presets and reports is a quick and elegant way of slicing a larger backlog helping the team focus on the relevant information when prioritizing.