Using filters

Filters are used to select the items you wish to examine (for example all items in a specific sprint).

Filters are selected by dragging a filter from the list of available filters up to the active filter area:

When multiple filters are specified items passing any of the filters are included. Items do not have to pass all active filters.

Filter types

There are two available filter types: Projects and Reports.

Project filters allow you to select all items from a specific project, and then additionally limit these items to just those in the Planning section, backlog or QA section by using their drop down menu:

Report filters allow you to specify a report to filter all items by. Only items passing the report will be included in the chart calculation. All reports that you have access to are available for use as a chart filter. Reports taken from a specific project will only consider items in that project. Reports taken from the Portfolio section consider items from all projects you have access to.