Using the chat

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Chat rooms

There are two types of chat rooms: Individual User-to-user chats, and Group chats, that are based upon the User Groups set up by an administrator. There is no concept of "joining" a chat room -- all chat messages are saved and time-stamped on the Hansoft server, enabling users to catch up on conversations that occured while they were logged off.

Unread counts

Incoming messages will increase the Unread messages counter of the chat room in which the message arrived. The Chat rooms header will also display the number of unread messages, even when the Chat section is collapsed.

Starting a chat

To start a chat conversation, double-click on the name of the group or user in the Chat rooms section. The name will be displayed in a bold typeface to indicate that a chat window has been opened.

Chat rooms can be open or minimized. Minimized chat rooms will have the Unread counter visible whenever there are unread messages, while open chat rooms will not. All chat rooms will, if the option is enabled in Personal Options, play a sound to indicate an incoming message.

Click the Minimize icon of an open chat window to minimize it. Click the Open icon to open it.

Disable chat for a specific user

In the "Admin" tab you can find "Chat policy" in the lower left corner.

Clicking it will bring up a window were you can choose to disable the chat for certain users.