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You can open the Options window in Project schedule, Backlog, Quality assurance, Administration or in the To do list by clicking More..>My personal options(Shortcut: Ctrl + O (Cmd + O)). These options are personal but will affect all projects and views in the Hansoft client. For example if you change the language settings they will apply for all text in the entire client.

From Options you can open the "Manage translations" window. Here you can create new and edit your own translations.

Create a new translation and select the destination language for what you are translating to. The "Based on translation" will set the language which the translation will use as a template.

For example:

Ponder that a translation does not cover every single label in Hansoft. This might be for several reasons, but probably because there is no appropriate translation due to differences in language structure. The translation will in this case retain the value of the base language.

The other options works similar to the document management in Hansoft. Check out, Check in and Show history provides you with the basic functionality for editing the translation files. Export is used when you want to export the translation you have done in a binary one-file format. In the More.. menu you can duplicate, rename, delete and discard changes. You can also set permission on a translation on whom can edit them. If you want to analyze what you have translated you can export what you have translated and not translated to a spreadsheet file.

Changing specific labels

To change a label start by locating it in the correct IR file. This can be easily done by identifying the desired label's ID. In the personal options you can change language to "Debug IDs". Another way to find label IDs is to export a translation as an excel spreadsheet, which lists all of the Hansoft labels and their IDs.



Select the translation you wish to edit and check it out.

After you have checked out a translation you will be presented with a list of files containing every text string in Hansoft. The "HPMLocalizeClientLoggedInGui" contains the labels for the Hansoft client GUI.

Open a search box(Ctrl+f/Cmd+f) and input the label ID.

To change a label simply type in your desired replacement between the quotation marks next to the default label.

Note that in this example we will be attempting to replace the label "Planning"



// 30f682ee

:00_Current "Planning"


After the desired changes have been completed, return to "Manage translations" and check in.