Traffic lights

A traffic light is a type of chart in Hansoft that signals either green, yellow or red based on the criteria that you define.

In order to create dashboard charts, ensure that you can see the Dashboards section at the top toolbar. If not, you must ask an Administrator to give you access to Dashboards.

Create a traffic light

Go to the Dashboard section and create or select the dashboard page that you want to create the traffic light on.

1. Click on new Chart.

2. Select the chart and edit the chart type to the type Traffic Light.

Next you need to define what you would like to see. As an example, let us set up a traffic light that turns red if the number of Severity A bugs in a projects are more than 3 items:

1. Optional: Add the project as a filter (in this case also select the filter and ensure that you only get things from the QA view). You can also use any report. Note: If you add multiple filters this will be an orcriterion, meaning that it will return items from both projects/reports.

2. Optional: Add a dimension, this is not mandatory as the report or project filter can define this for you. However, in this case I have selected the column Severity and filtered it (click on it to filter) to only see Severity A bugs.

3. Mandatory: Add a measure that will be the unit that you use. It could be for example story points, estimated days or time spent. In this case it is just a counter of the "Number of items" (which will be bugs in this case due to the filter).

Color bounds

Each traffic light must have color bounds defined in order to show anything. These are the limits that will define when the traffic light will turn green, yellow and red.

Go to the Options (or the more icon depicted in the image below) and select Set Color Bounds.

In the dialog, you then set your bounds. Note that you can set a lower number for when it should turn red than green, this can be useful if you have a traffic light where a lower number is worse for example.

You should now see the completed traffic light:

Zero values in traffic light charts

If you have a Traffic Light where the result is often 0 you might see an error message like below:

All you need to do is click on the Dimension you are using and toggle Suppress zero values.