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If Hansoft is extended with the time report module, every user has access to their individual timesheet in their To do list. A main project manager may also generate a summary of time reports from the Administration section.

Viewing the timesheet

At the top of the to-do list is the Timesheet button, which opens the Timesheet dialog.

The Timesheet dialog shows a calendar, a monthly summary, and the list of time reporting rows for the selected day.

For each day, users can insert one or more rows to account for their activities. Activity types are customizable by the administrator, but the most common one is work. In addition, user may enter a project to which their time is to be accounted, as well as any comments for the timesheet row.

Reporting time on tasks

1. Right-click a task in the To do list

2. Select "Report time on" from the context menu

3. In the calendar, select the day you want to report time on (if not today)

4. Click "Create new row"

5. Specify the hours spent

6. Close the window

The task can be changed in the Activity Type list to any task currently in the To do list. The project field will be automatically pre-filled with the project where the task resides.