Sub project path

Hansoft allows for both a hierarchical view and a flat list (priority) view of both the planning view and the backlog. Sometimes, understanding the hierarchical context of an item when viewing it in the list view is key to making the correct decision. That’s where the sub project path feature is used.

Sub project path shows the name of the hierarchical parents of an item whenever the full hierarchy is not shown, e.g. when using the priority view or having an active report. The sub project path will then have the following format: ‘Root: Epic 1: User story 1: My task’, where Root, Epic 1 and User Story 1 are all parents in the tree to the task ‘My task’.

Changing the sub project path

The depth of the sub project path is determined by which user view preset you last activated. If you wish to hide the sub project path completely set the path depth to ‘No path’.

In the todo list the sub project path depth is determined by the path depth setting in the project the item in your list originates from. This means that you might have different path depths in your todo if your depth settings differ between projects.

Locating the sub project path

Whenever sub project path is active and the full hierarchy is not shown, the path will be shown either in the item name column, or in the sub project path column if it is active and shown.

If you used to be able to view the sub project path, but it is no longer visible check the following two things: