User Guide

'Show last update on' option in dashboards

Hansoft Dashboards use a priority system to ensure that the most important charts are continuously kept up to date. To further visualize this we've added the option to "Show last updated on". This option is found in the hamburger menu of the chart and is toggled by the chart owner.

The chart can display the following:

  • Up to date—The chart was just calculated
  • Last updated {} seconds/minutes ago—When the chart needs to be recalculated due to a configuration change, a data input change, a user triggered or time based refresh the server puts it in the queue for recalculation. The latest update time is displayed while the chart is in queue.
  • Not calculated—Shown if the chart is waiting for its very first calculation. Can for example happen when you clone a chart.
  • Downloading results—The server is done calculating but the results are still being sent to the client. Larger charts, slow internet connections or other project data being sent can cause this.