Project history

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With the project history tool you can save a copy of the project for a specific date and then compare it to the current one. Project managers can analyze slippage of releases, user groups (such as programmers), individuals, sub-projects or specific tasks.


In order to use the Project history feature a Hansoft Administrator must give each user this access from the Admin tab:


Project history is accessed through the More menu in the project. You can view project history, save the plan in project history and set auto-save options.

Tip: Before making a major change to the plan, save the current plan with Ctrl + K (Cmd + K). If not satisfied with your change, go to project history and roll back to the historic version.

First, review the project history auto save-options. Automatically save project to the project history on a weekly or daily basis. Alternatively, you can turn auto-save off entirely.

Press Ctrl + J (Cmd + J) or select from the menu to view project history. Displayed is the nearest saved history with respect to the current date and time. Browse project plans on previous dates in "Select a date in the past." If you have saved more project plans on a selected date, use the drop-down.

To compare current plan to a historic plan, click the checkbox. Changes will be shown per column as well as in the timeline. In the illustration below, we can see how tasks have been assigned and how the work remaining column has been updated.