Personal options

Japanese version

The "Personal Options" dialog is the central location for user preferences affecting various parts of Hansoft, involving localization, appearance, editing and planning options.

You can open the Options window in Project schedule, Backlog, Quality assurance, Administration or in the To do list. You can use Ctrl + O (Cmd + O) to open the options window.

The options are both personal and global and will affect all views in Hansoft.


The "Appearance" section includes language, date format, color scheme and various visual features.


Under "Editing", settings are available for how Hansoft deals with inserting and copying / pasting items.

Agile and Scheduling

"Agile and Scheduling" provide options for both the Scheduling and Agile modes.

"Show activity number in the leftmost column" will display each items absolute position in the hierarchy.

"Highlight tasks on Critical path" will highlight tasks in the timeline that if delayed will affect the finishing date of other tasks.

Note that in the timeline the shaded areas signify weekends, which is why "Ex Task 1" and "Ex task 2" retain their critical dependency.


In "Documents", users can specify a location for the local copies of documents from the Hansoft server, as well as an application to used when comparing files.


The "General" section includes the option to reset the user settings, bringing back the default behaviour of warning popups. The use may also change the chat settings.

Changing my avatar

To make it easier to tell users apart, and add a bit of personal flair, users can be associated with an avatar, to be displayed in chats and news feed entries. This can be done either by the administrator, or, if given permission, by the users themselves.

Setting an avatar is done by clicking you username and selecting "Change my avatar...".