Out of the office/vacation/holiday planning and part time work

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Hansoft has powerful features for out of office/vacation/holiday planning and part time work individual users that affect both scheduled and agile projects.

One of the most important aspects of our out of office planning and part time work is that it is global (affecting all projects) once you set it up in one project.

Be careful when changing out of office planning! If handled incorrectly, it can destroy schedules and dependencies because of its auto-adjustment functionality.

Out of office planning

We have a schedule made for "Example Team User" that looks like this:

We decide that "Example Team User" should go to England (red bar) and this creates a normal planned task for when he is gone:

We right click on "Trip to England" and choose "Set out of office status on task(s)":

"Trip to England" is now an out of office task (visualized by thick gray diagonal lines). The task is also assigned to Example Team User. The schedule has now been automatically adjusted and the task "Code: Functions" has been extended in time without adding extra working days:

When updating out of office planning, please notice which projects that have been affected by the planning changes:

If you arrange tasks (Ctrl + Shift + A, or Cmd + Shift + A), they will be adjusted in accordance with out of office planning.

All out of office planning in all projects can be summarized in "Portfolio find", by choosing condition and "They are out of office tasks":

All out of office tasks are also visible in all Portfolio allocations views. You can choose to view only out of office zones by clicking on "They are out of office zones" in user find:

Out of office tasks affect sprints/iterations if they are "inside" them.

Part-time work

You can also create a period of time in which a user is working part time. Create an out of office task, right click and select "Set out of office calendar settings".

You can now transform this out of office task to a part time calendar for an individual user by overriding the project calendar. After this change, all schedules will auto-adjust to the new settings in the same way as out of office planning. Example:

Another way to handle a part time working user in agile projects is to set the allocation percent for a user in a sprint:

"Example Team User" is now allocated to 25% in this sprint: