More functions when editing a project plan

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Multiple undo/redo

On the main timeline toolbar you will find the undo / redo buttons. Hansoft Project Manager supports multiple undo and redo steps, which often comes in handy when planning for large projects.

Tip: You may use Ctrl + Z for undo and Ctrl + Y for redo on the keyboard (Cmd + Z for undo and Ctrl + Y for redo on OSX).

Changing the vertical placement

If you drag the mouse up or down you can change the vertical placement of the activities.

A blue activity indicates that the vertical placement is legal. A red activity indicates that there is an illegal circular dependency between the activity and the summary activity above it. Hansoft Project Manager will automatically disconnect the illegal activity.

Basic actions

The following actions can be performed on the selected activities in this menu:

See Portfolio allocations for more information about individual allocations.

Advanced actions

Transform tasks to releases transforms all selected tasks to releases.

Add or remove users opens the "add/remove users" window. See Assigning users to tasks for more information.

Sort sorts the selected activities by start date, end date, description or duration. If you select a summary activity it will automatically select all activities under it and then sort.