Installing Hansoft and upgrading licenses on Windows

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To install the Hansoft client on Windows, first download the executable installation file from the Perforce web site. Once you have saved the setup file on your hard-drive, double-click it and follow the given instructions.

Silent install

A silent install can be done by using the switch '/S'. This will not launch the regular install wizard, instead the client will be installed without any user interaction needed. To specify a non-standard install directory the switch '/D="<install path>" can be added after '/S'.


To uninstall the Hansoft client, navigate to the installation directory and launch the uninstaller. The Hansoft installation directory is by default located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Hansoft\Project Manager Client.

It might also be a good idea to clear your local Appdata folder from any Hansoft leftovers. You can find appata at C:\Users\"Your username"\AppData.

Find the HPMclient folder and delete it to get rid of the Hansoft remnants.

Regardless of which Windows version you are using the fastest way to find this folder is to open "Run" and insert %appdata%, as this will take you directly to the desired destination.

License upgrade

Once you have logged in, it is possible to upgrade your license to accommodate more users. The license upgrade is delivered via email if the server is not connected to the Hansoft license server.