Installing Hansoft and upgrading licenses on Mac

Japanese version


To install the Hansoft client on Mac, download the .dmg installation file from the Perforce web site.

Once you have saved the setup file, double click it and follow the given instructions.


Uninstall the client by going to the "Applications" folder in Finder, right click the Hansoft icon and choose "Move to trash".

Some files need to be removed manually.

Delete the following folders: /Users/"Your username"/Library/Application Support/Hansoft and /Users/"Your username"/Library/Caches/Hansoft.

If you have trouble finding these files use "Go" and type "~/Library/Application Support" and "~/Library/Caches".

License upgrade

Once you have logged in, it is possible to upgrade your license to accommodate more users. The license upgrade is delivered via e-mail if the server is not connected to the Hansoft license server.