Ghost user mode

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Note: Only main managers can work with ghost users.

A ghost user is a type of user that is purely for planning purposes. A ghost user cannot login to Hansoft or update any items, but can be assigned to tasks in the planning view.

Typical use cases are:

Here is a ghost user as visible in the Portfolio Allocations view.

Entering and exiting ghost user mode

In the planning view, start by clicking More > Ghost user mode > Enter ghost user mode.

In this mode you can:

When you are done, you exit ghost user mode at More > Ghost user mode > Exit ghost user mode.

Creating a ghost user

Access ghost account management options in More > Ghost user mode > Manage ghost users.

By entering the ghost user mode you can create and use more users than your license allows (ghost users).

Add ghost users to groups by selecting the user, go to Edit > User groups.

When you delete a ghost user it will be removed from all current assignments.

Converting ghost users to normal users

The ghost users you create cannot login to Hansoft with their client until they have been converted to normal users.