Dashboard view

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The dashboard editor

1 - Toolbar and page tabs

2 - Chart configuration options

3 - Filter options

4 - Dimension options

5 - Measure options

Page tabs

The page tabs let you navigate between different dashboard pages that you have access to. To create a new page click the plus button located to the right of your page tabs and select Create new page.

You can also open existing pages that have been hidden through dashboard page options.

Pages can be hidden and, if you have edit permission, rename or deleted.


On the toolbar you can find options to create and manage dashboard pages and charts.

Task Buttons
Chart creation Chart
Item view
Page presentation Layout
Text size
Page options Share
Refresh all

Chart creation

The chart and item view buttons create a new chart or items view on the current page. New charts will appear at the bottom of the current page in the next available position.

Page presentation

The Layout button allows you to select the layout to use for the current page from the options shown below. The numbers show the column widths as percentages of the view width.

The Theme button allows you to select a color theme to use for the current page.

By default charts use the color theme of the page they are on, but individual charts can have their theme overridden via their chart options.

The Text size button lets you alter chart text size.

Page options

If you have permission to share the current page the Share button will be available to you. When clicked you will be allowed to share the current page to users and groups for viewing or viewing and editing. You can revoke shared permissions at any time.

The Refresh all button requests that the server updates the charts on the current page as soon as possible.