Building a query

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Building a query is the first step when doing a report. A query find the tasks, items or bugs that you want to be included in the report.

The end result of the visual query builder is a report query that is in the same format as Hansoft's Writing queries to find items.

When building a query, think of water pouring from the top to the bottom and filtered in between to sort out everything you do not want.

First there is All items in the project, then we have different find criteria sorting out items you do not want, and in the end there is Reported items which is the end result.

Find criteria

A find criteria is the element between All items and Reported items. After you created a find criteria you select what to find on from available columns. On each column you then select on what to specifically search for.

For example, finding Item status "Not done":

Bug status Assigned, Closed or New:

Or work remaining greater than 10 hours:

You can also create an excluding criteria. This means that everything that comes to the criteria has to NOT be what is specified (NOT ItemStatus = "Not Done") in order to pass through.

Query logic

See Writing queries to find items for more information.

Creating a criteria after another means logically AND.

Branching out to more than one connection means logically OR.

AND and branching out to OR can be combined. The visual query below would result in Itemstatus= "Not done" AND (Feature= "Feature A" AND Workremaining = 0 OR Feature= "Feature B" AND Workremaining = 0 OR Feature= "Feature C" AND Workremaining = 0).