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The backlog is the central repository for future work, and is considered an often vital part of an agile project. Items in the backlog can be anything that represents future work -- requirements, bugs, enhancements, feature requests or even scheduled tasks. The work in the backlog is not yet committed to a sprint, and is therefore not considered to currently be worked on. The act of dragging an item from the backlog to a sprint constitutes a commit, at which time it is assigned to a user. Items committed to a sprint have a Backlog icon before the item name, with the committed sprint shown in the "Committed to sprint" column.

There are three ways of working with items in the backlog: In a hierarchy, on a board or prioritized. Each of these views represents the same information and items.

Tip: The backlog can be configured to use custom columns that cover a large spectrum of agile needs. See Customizing project columns.