How To: Sprint planning

Note: Sprint planning is something all users that are members of a sprint and have a section of the backlog delegated to them can do.

The purpose of sprint planning is for the team to create a plan of how to complete valuable work. Break down high prio user stories into tasks, understand if it fits with the teams current velocity. Facilitated by a SCRUM master or similar role, the whole team including the product owner participates in this timeboxed meeting.

For a successful sprint planning this is necessary:

Step 1: Can anything be improved from last time?

Revisit retrospective notes and how last sprint went and make any improvements needed to for example the definition of done.

Step 2: The Product Owner explains the highest ordered Product Backlog items

Step 3: Decide on a theme and create the sprint

Step 4: Understand team velocity

This chart can be reused each sprint planning and gives you a good indication of what the capacity of the team is. In the example above we can see that it is between 5-13 points.

Step 5: Commit work to sprint

Note: You probably also want to move in a couple of bugs (if any) from the QA section by selecting the sprint in the Committed to Sprint column there.

Now take a final look at your plan and make sure you have a common understanding of the team what must be done for this to work.