How To: Scrum for features, Kanban for assets

Many ways of working towards a single product vision

Scrum: Embrace the uncertainty of feature development

The iterative nature of Scrum lends itself perfectly to uncertain gameplay Feature Development. The team has the opportunity to evolve the feature from one Sprint to the next, and cross functional teams work together, accepting, even embracing, the fact that creating innovation is highly unpredictable.

Kanban: Optimize well defined art asset creation

Pure Asset Content Development is, on the other hand, well defined and highly repeatable. Kanban is excellent for optimizing repeatable processes, visualizing work in progress and reducing times from asset start to asset finish. Kanban promises more content and larger, more immersive worlds in the same amount of time, with the same amount of effort.

Work toward a single vision

With Hansoft, Scrum and Kanban come together, working in tandem towards a shared high level overall vision. Hansoft’s powerful backlog determines exactly what the game should be, while dependencies between features and assets can be caught and handled early. The distinct and separate backlog and planning views let teams of teams work the way they want and still deliver on a cohesive overall product vision.