How To: Project Quality Dashboard

In this article, we walk through how you can assess the quality of a project in Hansoft.

Work in progress

This chart shows how the work-in-progress is varying over time. The challenge that many projects struggles with is the focus on starting new work rather than finishing early.

Since we are using Historical data, it is likely you will have to wait a few days to see the results.

An consistent upwards trend is a clear warning sign. This will increase the average lead time to finish work.

Detailed Appropriately + Prioritized

This chart is aiming to make you understand if the project is broken down in a reasonable level and if the right items are broken down.

What this gives you is an idea of if the items that are given highest priority on average is the smallest or the largest.

Tip: Add a report as a filter that filters to only include user stories or similar items that represents business value to make it even more relevant.

Below is an example of how the result might look like for a product backlog. We learn that the average 'very high priority' item is just above 6 estimated days while the other priorities are slightly higher which is typically a good thing. We can also see that we have un-prioritized items that are estimated (and smaller) which can be brought up as a retrospective question if they can be given priority:


This chart will help you understand how large part of your project that is estimated. You must first create two reports. Create one that filters everything that is estimated and one that filters everything that is not estimated. Here is an example of the report definition to find all items that have an estimate:

We can then use this report in a chart to get an overview of how much of the project that we have given an estimate:


Running a project in Hansoft is all about making decisions and making sure that the plan is representing reality and not vice versa. If this is the case can typically quickly be visualized by showing how the project changes over time.

Let's take a look at the example below. Here there is very little progress for more than a week and then suddenly we add a lot of more work without anything being finished. Is adding more scope really the best idea for a project like this?

There it is! An overview of how to create a dashboard to assess the quality of a project in Hansoft.

If you have any questions or challenges to set this up, contact Perforce Support.