How To: Inviting a teammate to collaborate with Hansoft

After reading this article, you’ll understand how to invite a teammate to Hansoft. From there, you can start planning projects and collaborating together in real time.

How does Hansoft work?

Planning a project in Hansoft is like playing a computer game with your friends — you all see the same information while updating it in real-time together.

This is made possible by two components:

Both the server and the client app run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

If you installed the Hansoft Small Team Edition, you have both a server and a client app in the same install media.

Step 1: Log in as Hansoft Administrator

Because only Administrators can invite users to Hansoft, you must first be logged in as a “Hansoft Administrator”.

How do you know if you’re the Adminstrator? If you see the Admin tab at the top of your Hansoft Client, then you are the Administrator. If you cannot see this tab, log in with the default Administrator and password:

Step 2: Create a new user

To create a new user, click New and enter the name of your teammate and a password. Your teammate will later log in with this information.

Step 3: Add your teammate to a project

Right-click on the user you just created to add them to a project.

Step 4: Ask your teammate to install the Hansoft client

Step 5: Teammate enters the server name and port

This is where it can get technical, so contact us if you need help!

The server name is either the IP address or DNS name of your server. If using a firewall, make sure it allows TCP traffic on the port you use (the default port is 50256).

Step 6: Teammate enters their username and password

On the second screen, your teammate enters the username and password you created in step two.

Step 7: Start collaborating!

That's it! Now you can collaborate, comment, create, and innovate together.