How To: Importing from Excel

This guides through migrating information from Microsoft Excel to Hansoft.

You have two options:

Simple import

1. Copy the data representing item names from Excel

2. Right-click in the area in Hansoft where you would like to import (Planning, QA or Backlog) and select Paste text as items

The items will now be listed where you pasted them.

Advanced import

1. Download the required .rar file, which includes everything you need. .NET Framework 4.5 must first be installed to run this program.

2. Run hsimport.exe

3. Select the Excel file to populate the left-most column.

4. Map to the Hansoft columns to the right (if you are using custom columns there are instructions in the readme with the download).

5. Click Save to generate the Hansoft XML.

6. In the product backlog in Hansoft, click More > Export and Import > Import Hansoft XML and select the file you generated.