Generating a ticket

When the share has been created and configured, you create the ticket that is to be imported on the server you share the users with.

This ticket needs to be imported onto the server you want to share users with. Copy it and send to the person administrating the Hansoft server on the receiving end. This would be the server that you want to share users with.

Importing a ticket

To import a ticket you simply select the Import ticket option, paste the ticket and select "OK".

After you have pasted the ticket and selected "OK" you must name the share and provide the address of the server. No share needs to be created on the importing server prior to importing the ticket.

The status of the share will be "Connected" once the connection has been established (Might be a delay while the connection is being established).

On the server where the ticket was initially created, you will see that the status changes to connected and the previously grayed out areas have been populated with the information retrieved from the server the resources are shared with.

If the connection can only be established one way, that is indicated by a half red half green icon and the message "connected to remote site only". This indicates that the wrong information has been entered when importing the ticket. Such as port, server name or firewall settings prevent a two way connection. If a connection is broken between two servers with shares active the resources will be active for two weeks on the server to which they are shared and then be inactivated.