Upgrading the server—Linux

Before you attempt to upgrade the Hansoft server make sure that you backup and stop the active service. Follow these steps to ensure that the upgrade procedure is executed correctly.

1.Backup and stop

To backup the database and stop the service you should run:

./HPMServer -BackupAndStop

Backs up all databases and stops the service. Should be run before upgrades to reset transaction logs.

2. Installation

Note: In this example we are installing version 7.1580 of the Linux server.

Unzip the package into the directory were you installed the old server and let it overwrite the outdated files.

unzip "Hansoft Server 7.1580 Linux2.6 x64.zip"

Select [A]ll to replace all old files.

3. Upgrade

Run the -Upgrade command through the HPMServer.

./HPMServer -Upgrade

This will fix file permissions.

4. Start the service

Run the -StartService command through the HPMServer to start up the service.

./HPMServer -StartService