Upgrading from Hansoft 7 and earlier

Hansoft 8 comes with a new database structure. The database is no longer contained within a single file that has its own virtual file structure. Instead the files are handled directly by the operating system.

This means that the time it takes to complete the integrity check performed by the server during backups and restarts, is significantly reduced.

Since this is a major change to the database architecture, the server upgrade from Hansoft 7.X to Hansoft 8 or later might take longer than usual and during the upgrade the server will require enough space to store a copy of the database locally. If enough space is not available the database conversion will pause until more space is available. Also note that due to this change to the database it is not possible to downgrade from Hansoft 8 to Hansoft 7.X.

When experiencing a slow installation, do not interrupt it by manually restarting the service or server.

1. Make sure that you have a recent backup of your database.

2. Go to the server where Hansoft Project Server is installed.

3. Install this version on your server at the same location as the previous one (do not uninstall the previous version, do not stop the service). The service will start automatically.

4. Clients will automatically upgrade to the latest version.