Scheduled backup tasks

There are five different options when creating a scheduled backup task:

No backup, only integrity checking

The purpose of this option is to check that the database is in a good shape. If the integrity check fails, an email is sent (if the server is configured to do that) to the server administrator.

The default option for a new database is to do a backup once per day. This backup setup does not perform an integrity check of the database after the backup has been done. The reason for this is to minimize the interruption that a backup execution can cause to the users that at the same time are logged in to the database. The scheduled backups can therefore be complemented with a task that only performs the integrity check.

In addition it is possible for any scheduled backup task to do an integrity check upon completion.

Only reset transaction log (cannot be recovered)

Every time the server is restarted or the database is put online from a previous offline state, the server has to go through the transaction log. If database backups are performed infrequently, the transaction log can be large and make the server startup time longer. This option resets the transaction log without performing a backup.

Database snapshot

The complete projects database will be backed up without document management or project history. It is recommended to do this kind of backup every day and every new database is configured to do this by default (the task named Default Automatic Backup). This backup does not include historical data and for production databases it is recommended to use the Full backup including history and documents option to ensure historical data is available for recovery.

Full backup including history and documents

All files in the database and the transaction log will be backed up every time. This is the only option that provides a complete backup, including attachments and full project history. Note though that if many files are added to the document management, this can quickly fill up the available space in the backup location directory.

Incremental full backup including history and documents

Only the complete project database, transaction log, the added and the changed files (since the previous backup) from the document management storage are saved to the backup. This backup type typically provides safe backups while keeping the size of the backups to a minimum.

Performing a manual backup

To manually generate a backup select a database in the Server Administrator and press Backup now. Select the type of backup you want to perform and press OK to start the backup. Check the log file for any errors.

You can customize the schedule backup tasks through the Hansoft Server Administrator.

Click Backup settings to open a window displaying the currently scheduled backup tasks.

It is possible to create new tasks by clicking the Create scheduled task button. You can also edit and delete already existing tasks.