Logs and email notifications

The Hansoft Server supports reporting events to log files and via email based on their severity. The log files can be found under the Logs directory of your server installation.

Logs and SMTP settings

You configure the amount of logging you want with the Server Administrator by clicking the logging options button under the “Settings” heading. By default all events are logged to the log file while critical errors and important messages are sent by email as well. Before you can receive any emails, you need to set up the email settings by clicking the Email options button. The only way the Project Server is able to send emails is by connecting to a SMTP server.

You can configure server logs and email notifications through the Hansoft Server Administrator client.

To allow the Hansoft server to send you important logs by e-mail, you first need to configure the SMTP options. Access the SMTP configuration window by clicking E-mail Options, located at the bottom right of the screen.

Through this window you can customize the SMTP options.