Installation overview and FAQ

Below you will find solutions and answers to some of the more common questions we receive from Hansoft administrators.

What is Hansoft and how do I install it?

Hansoft is a client/server-based application and the Hansoft server can be installed either locally at your company or as a cloud-based solution.

To install Hansoft download the installer (Both the trial and the server download works for this purpose, the trial will also install a Hansoft client, which can be helpful during the initial setup) and execute it. For exact installation, see Installation.

What platforms does Hansoft support and what are the system requirements?

The Hansoft server and client can run on a multitude of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS and a number of Linux distributions.

Does Hansoft use a external database? Do I need to install any third party software to run Hansoft?

No. Hansoft comes with a built in database and requires no third party tools to run.

What is the license model and how do I update the Hansoft license?

To place an order go to the administration section in Hansoft and on the right hand side you have the license management section. If you allow your server to connect to on port 50129 licenses will be automatically updated. If not we will mail you a updated license key at the beginning of each month which has to be applied by a Hansoft administrator within 15 days.

How often do you release new software? Will my server & client be automatically updated with each new release?

The Hansoft client automatically updates when connecting to a server which has been updated.

There is never any need for a manual client update.

Does Hansoft rely or reference any external data requiring the server to connect to sites outside of the local network?

No. Hansoft is developed with security in mind. Once installed Hansoft is fully self contained and will manage everything, including login authentication, backups etc. If you allow your server to connect to on port 50129 licenses will be automatically updated, but no data except the license information is shared.

Does Hansoft use encrypted connect and/or support certificates for authenticating connections?

Yes, please see the System admin: Security and User manual: Certificates articles for information on how to manage certificates in Hansoft.