Importing/exporting and moving database files—Windows

You may want to move databases between servers, or maybe move a database from a trial server installation. To do this, locate where the original server was installed and copy the directory for the database you want to move. Before copying it is recommended to install the same version of the server that you are going to install on the new machine to minimize the risk of incompatibilities. Also make sure to stop the Hansoft Server service before you copy the database to make sure you get a consistent copy using:

-StopService <Service Name>

The default location for the databases is:

C:\Program Files\Hansoft\Project Manager Server\Databases\

Once you have the database copied, install a server on the new machine (if you don't have a server installed). When the configuration guide starts you may either run through it, or skip it and configure everything manually. If you run through the configuration guide let it create a dummy database that can later be deleted.

Now put the copied database directory either under the Databases directory in the directory where you installed the server, or in a place of your choosing.

When you have the database files where you want them, start Hansoft Server Administrator from the shortcut in the start menu and connect to the server (see Hansoft Server Administrator).

If this is a newly installed server, start by changing the license to the license supplied by email.

Now press Import Existing Database. Supply the name of the database that will be presented to the user when logging in to a server.

Supply the location of your database and transaction log files. If you placed the database files under the "Databases" folder of the installation and named the database to the same name as the folder the files will already point to the correct location. When you press the OK button the server will try to load the database and tell you if something failed.

When you have imported the database you must set the state to "Online" before any users can connect to it.

If you created a dummy database in the Initial Setup Guide you should now remove it by selecting it and then press "Remove Database".