Helix Swarm

Helix Swarm is a web-based, free code review tool for Helix Core. Contributors share files, comment, suggest tasks, vote up or down, and submit final work within Helix Swarm.

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Getting started

Use our quick start to get up and running with Helix Swarm. Provides information for end users and administrators.

Quick Start

Using Helix Swarm

Learn how to use Helix Swarm for code review and collaboration.



Administrators: Learn how to perform Helix Swarm administration tasks.

Admin Help


Learn how to integrate Helix Swarm with other applications, including Helix Core Visual Client (P4V), Jira, Slack, and TeamCity.

Integrations Help


Developers: Learn how to use the Helix Swarm API to automate common Swarm interactions or integrate with other systems.

API Help