Surround SCM

Surround SCM seamlessly integrates with Helix ALM to help you manage code, along with requirements, tests, and issues. Work with any of these artifacts from either application.

What’s New in Surround SCM?

See the new features and enhancements we added in the latest version of Surround SCM. Check out the release notes for bug fixes.

What's New Release Notes

Using Surround SCM

Learn how to manage digital assets with version control using the desktop client, command line interface (CLI), or web application. Administrators and power users: learn how to configure Surround SCM for your team.

User Guide CLI Guide

Installation and Upgrades

Learn how to install and upgrade Surround SCM and the Helix ALM License Server.

Installation Guide

Learn how to integrate Surround SCM with other popular applications, such as Helix ALM, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Oracle JDeveloper, Jenkins, and more. Developers can use the Surround SCM API to integrate with other systems.

Supported Integrations API Guide

Administrators: Learn how to modify server settings in the local computer system registry or analyze Surround SCM databases to identify and repair issues.

Registry Utility Guide Analyze Utility Guide

Learn best practices for using and configuring various areas of Surround SCM.

Best Practices