Using restrictions to narrow filter and search results

Restrictions are criteria you specify that items must match to be included in filter and search results. You can use multiple restrictions to narrow the number of items in the results. For example, you can create restrictions to find issues with a specific severity level that were last modified within a specific number of days.

You can use a variety of restrictions based on field values, link information, and other attributes. You can also use restrictions based on workflow events, which can search the first or last instance of an event entered on items or all instances of the event. You can add up to 20 restrictions to a filter or search.

Helix ALM includes the following restriction types.

Restriction type Limits results to: More information
Text Items with text that does or does not match all, any, or exact specified text or wildcards. Adding text restrictions
Version Items with values that do or do not match a specific version range or any, all, or exact versions. Adding version restrictions
Date range Items with dates that do or do not match a date range, date/time range, or time period. Adding date range restrictions
Integer Items with non-decimal numbers that do or do not match numbers in a range or list. Adding integer restrictions
Decimal number Items with decimal numbers that do or do not match numbers inside or outside of a specific range. Adding decimal number restrictions
Single list value Items that contain or do not contain a specific selected list value in a pop-up menu that allows only one selection. Adding single list value restrictions
Multiple list values Items that do or do not contain any, all, or exactly the selected list values in a pop-up menu that allows multiple selections. Adding multiple list values restrictions
Condition Items with check box fields that are selected or cleared, or items with or without specific attributes. Adding condition restrictions
User Items with user fields that do or do not contain specific users, users in specific security groups, or users in a specific company, division, or department. Adding user restrictions
Folder Items that are or are not in any, all, or only the selected folders or child folders. Adding folder restrictions
Requirement document Requirements that are or are not in any, all, or only the selected documents. Adding requirement document restrictions
Test variant Test cases that do or do not contain any, all, or only selected values as included or excluded test variant values. You can also limit results by supported test variants to find test cases that do not explicitly include or exclude selected values. Adding test variant value restrictions

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